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Jackson EMC employee Monica Jackson poses with her diploma from Brenau University

Educational Assistance Program

The educational assistance program reimburses employee tuition expenses and required textbooks, so they can focus on studying.

Name: Monica Jackson – Marketing & Member Services Representative, Gainesville

Degree: B.B.A, Business Administration

College: Brenau University

Graduated: 2014

“I am very thankful for the opportunity Jackson EMC gave me with Educational Assistance Program,” Monica said. “Being able to focus on school while knowing that Jackson EMC was covering my tuition and even books was a huge opportunity, and I’m not sure I could have done it otherwise. You still have to prepare for an opportunity at the next level, but getting the degree makes it a possibility.”

Name: Kerry Lloyd – Electronics Specialist

Degree: B.S., Management Information Systems

College: University of Georgia

Graduated: 2010

“Jackson EMC’s Educational Assistance Program helped take the financial stress out of the equation, so I could concentrate on academics. For those considering furthering their education, the Educational Assistance Program can’t be beat.”

Name: John Taylor – District Director of Office Services, Gwinnett

Degree: B.S., Business Administration

College: Shorter College

Graduated: 2001

“Finishing my degree was a life goal as well as a career goal- something I always wanted to do. I got to a point in my career with Jackson EMC where I couldn’t go any higher without a degree, so I made the decision to go back, and took advantage of the program. It put me the position to move up into a job I was excited about.  Had I not finished my degree, I would not have been eligible for the position.”  

Name: Kim Chapman – Purchasing Specialist, Corporate 

Degree: B.S., Business Administration

College:  Brenau University

Graduated: 2003

“It opened up my options, and I would not be in the position I am in today without my degree. I started it many years ago, and always intended to finish… it’s something that Jackson EMC gave me the opportunity to complete.”

Name:  Robert Akin, Residential Marketing Representative, Gainesville

Degree: B.S., Marketing

College:  North Georgia College & State University

Graduated: 1997

“The educational assistance program gave me a career instead of just a job. It allowed me to open doors that otherwise would be closed for me. I’ve been with Jackson EMC for nearly 25 years, and I can tell you, they want to see you succeed. It’s a good work environment, they give you opportunities to better yourself and they really don’t limit you. I wouldn’t have been here this long if I didn’t respect the organization and see benefits from what I was doing.